The Topiary have stocked the brand since 2010, but early last year we were invited to join an elite group of For the ultimate Kevin Murphy experience, look no further than The Topiary, a proud KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON.salons that set the benchmark in editorial styling excellence.The Topiary became a KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON.

As a Kevin Murphy session salon we are the first to hear about and experience everything that is happening in the world of Kevin Murphy, including sampling the products before they hit the shelves.

Each spring a Kevin Murphy salon stylist is chosen from these salons to participate in a year-long education program, specifically designed to teach hairdressers the ins and outs of the latest editorial styling techniques, and ultimately become an accredited session salon stylist. I began the 3 class program last March in London and graduated on the 4th, with a presentation and photo-shoot. Through the process, I learnt so much. About the products, the brand, and an insight into editorial work and session styling. I uploaded a few videos to our social media accounts over the course of the year documenting my experience, and it was jam packed. For my graduation piece, I wanted to create a mystical fairy goddess taking inspiration from Áine, the moon goddess. Our goddess boasts an abundance of soft textured hair with tulle and brushed cotton intertwined in frayed braids. The fabrics are light, soft and romantic paired with a striking nebular-like makeup (with many thanks to Flawless Make-up) to enchant and spellbound her love. I created a mood board to depict the concept, with images of inspiration, information of products used and samples of the fabrics and makeup.  The shoot was in a large studio in Parsons Green with professional fashion photographer Karl Collins and fabulous hair stylist to the stars, Reuben Wood assisted me (the irony) to create our finished image!

I have worked in salons for 20 years and it’s so refreshing to be looked after by a company so well. Not only do they care about who’s using and selling their products, they really care about the environment and recognise the seriousness of dangerous climate change. Their packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable is square in shape meaning that the bottles take up less shipping space as they fit snuggly side by side. Which essentially means less packaging and less waste. When searching the world for ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY looked for companies that use micro-cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques. A lot goes on before these wonderful products arrive at the salon.

The Topiary totally believe in the KEVIN.MURPHY brand, the products and the concept. We believe that we are stocking and using the best products in our industry. (We get seriously amazing results from the entire range) We are being trained, supported and nurtured by the best educators, and now I’ve been given an opportunity of a lifetime to work alongside one the most influential session masters on the scene at Prague Fashion Week. To be A REAL part of the KEVIN.MURPHY team is beyond exciting.

Next month, Karis will be beginning her journey to gain her Kevin Murphy session stylist certificate. From seeing what I have achieved from it, she is understandably excited.

For the ultimate Kevin Murphy experience, look no further than The Topiary, a proud KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SALON.

Laura x

Class video

Class video

Design Assistance: The Typeface Group

Make up Artist: Claire Whitaker Flawless make-up

Photography: Karl Collins

Model: Karis Woodward

Stylist: Laura Haystaff

Styling Assistance: Reuben Wood and the KEVIN.MURPHY Education team

Location: The Worx Parsons Green