So you’re still sat at your desk but the office christmas party starts in half an hour.  You want to look glam, trendy, sparkly and festive? So here are 5 easy ways to move from the office to the Christmas party.

1) Keep it simple and work with what you’re wearing. Just by changing your office pencil skirt for a pair of leather, embellished or patterned leggings will keep you on-trend this season. There are a variety of leggings on our high street, and I think you’ll agree with me that as long as teamed with a long, looser top (that covers your buttocks) you can’t go wrong.

2) If the office is empty apart from the cleaners then these could be the best thing to enter your life. Velcro rollers! Yes, the memories of your grandmother in her rollers sticks in your mind, but she was on to a trick! They are so simple. Just wind sections of dry hair around 7 or so rollers, making sure that you get as much lift from the roots as possible. A quick spritz with some volumizing spray and give your hair a quick blast under the hand dryer in the ladies. Leave in for 20 mins to cool, then gently unwind the rollers one at a time and finish with some hair spray. Tousled sexy waves are yours!

3) A few simple make up tricks that can glam up your look. Stained lips are big! Make sure your lips are flake free and moisturised. Then just dab lipstick in the middle of your pout and melt the colour into the lips blending outward. Go for it with colour. Purple is massive at the moment. We like Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Dark Nights Water-Loops – £6.49 Or if lippy isn’t your thing then why not go for a pair of sexy false eyelashes? The Topiary will custom fit your lashes for you, giving you perfectly glam eyes in your lunch hour.  We love and can’t get enough of Nouveu Contour and their amazing lash collection and treatments. Keep nails short and sweet and team either metallic or jewelled shades to match your look. Max factor Glossfinity in Angel Nails – £5.99, or make an appointment and treat yourself to a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure in your lunch hour. Emerald Touch 2022 or Midnight Blue 2012 are both looking the firm favourite, plus colour will hold fast till the New Year too.

4)  Accessories can be a great way to express yourself and your style. I am often seen lingering in Accessorise, amazed at the uniqueness and quality you can buy for such little money. Whether you choose a stack of bracelets, chandelier earrings or an amazing statement necklace, you’re just a clasp away from adding that all important glamour to your festive outfit.

5) Heels aren’t the most sensible option when there’s a light dusting of snow on the streets, but its Christmas and you want to look fabulous. Fear not! Wedges are following through from last season and teaming a nude pair of wedges will not only ensure the safety of your ankles but you may just last on the dance floor til the macarena!