Girls like to feel pretty and for me, make up is a massive help towards making me look and feel this way.

But applying make up with expert precision at 7am each morning can be pretty tough. With 2 children to get dressed, fed and ready for school and nursery then myself and my husband out of the house for work for 9am, make up, hair and trying to look half decent is slowly creeping further down the list of priorities. So if there are any products or treatments that can save me time or help give me boost with minimal effort, then I wanna know about it!

So my daily eye make up routine consists of eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyelash curlers and finally mascara. Depending on how much time I have, it could be a quick sweep of colour or a flick of liquid liner. I have never really found eyelash curlers particularly easy to use and lets be honest by 11am, the results of these torture tools are no where to be seen. We’ve all heard of lash perming and if you have ever had it done, you’ll know that its not really a comfortable nor effective treatment. So when Marie, our beauty manager did some research and discovered a new service, I was intrigued yet a tad sceptical when she filled me in on what LVL were about. LVL lashes state that the treatment will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes, without extensions. Its a completely natural, low maintenance treatment with no harsh perming techniques, plus the treatment takes just 45 minutes, lasts up to 6 weeks and only costs £45.

Marie grabbed me in my lunch hour and insisted I let her loose on me. The new beauty room is so bright and calming since our refurb so I didn’t need much convincing to lie on the couch and get covered in a blanket. Once settled Marie set to work. My lashes were first cleansed and prepped with a protein wipe to remove any oil. Smooth patches were then applied to my bottom lashes to keep them out of the way as the treatment is only applied to the upper lashes. Then 2 small opaque shields are applied to the uppers of each eyelids. There are different sizes that will suit different people and the look you want to achieve. From now on I was required to keep my eyes closed for the entire duration of the treatment, which for me sounded like heaven! It was very comfortable and felt just like having a eyelash tint. The lifting balm was then applied to the lashes and left to process for 10-15 minutes. Just enough time to get the low down on the previous weekends shenanigans. The product was removed then the volumising fixing lotion was then applied and the timer set for a further 5 minutes. My lashes were then tinted and conditioned with a moisturising serum.

Marie handed me the mirror to take a look. I was shocked at how amazing my eyes looked. All I can say is that this treatment made me feel like a disney princess! My eyes look massive, bright and dare I say, quite beautiful. I feel pretty and girly with my new flirty lashes. What I really like about this treatment is the immediate and dramatic results. Within moments of stepping out of the beauty room the girls flocked around me with jealous glares, the lady behind the till at mini Tesco complimented my eye make up (I wasn’t wearing a scrap) and then my husband told me I looked pretty, moments after I woke up. At 6.30am!

The only problem I can see with having experienced LVL, is that i’m addicted. I am hooked on looking like Bambi! Theres something very satisfying about not wearing any eye make up and feeling fabulous. I can’t recommend LVL enough, and I bet you’ll love it too. The treatment would be fabulous before a holiday, a wedding or simply treating yourself every 6-8 weeks when you come for your routine hair cut. I will be giving the gift of an LVL voucher to my bessie for her birthday as my love of this new and amazing treatment, needs to be shared.