You never knew how strong you were until you danced all night in your heels.

The nights seem darker and the air is definitely cooler so the comfort of my sofa and quilt is calling me. I don’t know about you but I sometimes I just tune into ITV on a Saturday night to see what the X factor judges are wearing, especially Nicole Scherzinger and Mrs O! Contrary to popular belief, from what I have read about her, Scherzinger is a genuinely nice and down to earth woman, who recently revealed loves nothing better than black wine gums, salt and vinegar crisps and the one beauty product she can’t live without… a £6 lip balm. Nicole posted on Instagram ‘On my way to the studio! I just (love) my @eosproduct!! Makes my lips so kissable!!” She’s talking about fab beauty brand EOS (Evolution of Smooth) and the super-cute Lip Balm Spheres which seem to be a favourite with celebs at the moment. The 35 year old doesn’t believe in fad diets but does believe that dieting will ultimately cause your weight to yo yo. I was secretly ecstatic to read in Heat Magazine last week, that a fellow hairdresser finally managed to get their hands on Luke Friend’s hair!  The article, accompanied by photographs. Showed off his newly washed, minus dreadlocks, shorter style that really suited him. Only to be totally disappointed and confused on Saturday evening to see the return of his shaggy-hair. Luckily for Luke, His gorgeous gravelly voice alone, saw him through to the semi finals next week, even after he found himself in the dreaded “dreadlock” deadlock against Tamera at the end of Sunday’s show.
We have had lots of guys through the salon doors this week for their holiday hair cut, determined to avoid the typical “Man rush” on Christmas eve. Ever increasingly, we see men loitering at our product section looking for a stocking filler to treat the lady in their life. Cosmetics and hair products are a great gift to receive, so men – go have a look on her dressing table and see whats running low.

This week I have also been planning our salon christmas party, and it got me thinking of the conversations with clients who have confessed their previous office party shenanigans! With all the high jinx, festive atmosphere and bubbly, its no wonder we make the most of this annual tradition. However, just because the booze is free doesn’t mean you have to try and drink the balance between what you are paid and what you feel you’re worth. The last thing you want to do is do something you’ll regret or wake up with a monster hangover.  Try to alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water to help make the night more fun and last longer.  Most importantly, make sure you and your colleagues get home safely and always get a lift with a non drinker or get a taxi home. But if you do over indulge then bear this in mind – according to researchers in China, evidence suggests that Sprite is the most effective at erasing the symptoms of the night before compared to 57 other drinks, including herbal remedies.