Happy 10th Birthday to The Topiary SalonYay!! It’s finally here, it’s party time and you are all invited! To celebrate our 10th birthday this weekend, come by The Topiary Salon on Saturday the 11th for birthday refreshments, merriment and to grab your “Birthday Card”. Swing by anytime from 12 to 5pm to pick one up. There are a very limited number of these discount and voucher cards, so don’t miss out! We have cake for everyone, balloons for the little Topets, and bubbly for the grown ups. We would love to see you and to help us celebrate 10 wonderful years of The Topiary.

Today sees the launch of our Breeze Fm radio campaign! Together with The Breeze 107.6 fm, we will be continuing our birthday celebrations everyday on air with Tony and Steph during the Breakfast Show. The competition kicks off on Monday 13th. In the mean time check out all the details on their website and tune in and listen out for The Topiary!


“I have a really important event coming up that I need to look amazing. Thing is I’m far from looking my best, I work long hours, am sleep deprived from a young baby and my skin is freaking out with the heating going on. I have 3 weeks till the party. HELP!

Ok, don’t panic you can totally turn this around in 3 weeks.

Diet – I don’t mean “Diet” but just watch the sort of foods you eat for the next few weeks. Up your intake of fruit and veg and cut the amount of sweet treats and fatty foods you consume. You’ll find you’ll be less bloated, your skin will be more predictable and your energy levels should even out. Drink lots of water, swap at least 1 of your regular cups of coffee or tea for caffeine free, white or better still a green tea. We LOVE Twinings Gunpowder. It helps to remove toxins from your gut and cleanse your skin too.

Skin – You can save the used green t-bags and apply cool from the fridge to your face. Dab around the eyes, and delicate areas especially. It will help soothe and rehydrate your skin affected by the drying central heating. Puffy eyes are most mothers/ busy woman’s fear. This maybe the best advice that I ever give… 1st, sleep with an eye mask on (do an”Audrey”) and try to get 8 hours kip (ha!). As soon as you wake up, reach for those cold t-bags and apply one to each eye, chill for 5. Then beat 1 egg white until its full and fluffy and gently pat around and under your eyes. Seriously this WORKS! Gently rinse off with warm water after 5 minutes. Hey presto perky peepers! Try to use a gently exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week, it’s critical for pre party skincare. It keeps your skin bright and clear and prepares a perfect canvas for your makeup. Try mixing a simple scrub with some honey or yoghurt to transform it into a spa mask!

Smile – You want to dazzle and look fresh at this event right? Then teeth whitening may give you the boost of confidence you need to beam. If you have sensitive teeth then a whitening toothpaste (start using ASAP) will be a great option for you, we like Rembrant’s Intense Stain Toothpaste. You’ll notice a difference within a week! If you’re a little more hardy then you could use Crest White Strips. I haven’t found them anywhere in the UK so you’ll have to get them online. Obviously check that you are purchasing from a trusted retailer. If in doubt, check with your dentist.

Glow – Tans aren’t for everyone but no one can deny they do make you feel and look lovely. Skin looks more flawless, a great tan can disguise visible thread veins, uneven skin tone, cellulite and acne. Our Fake Bake Spray Tan or rub on treatment is by far, in our opinion the best fake tanning service available. At just £25 for this confidence transforming treatment, its worth every penny. Plus it will last 7 days so you’ll look gorgeous on the school run in the days to follow.

Product of the week

SESSION.SPRAY strong hold finishing spray

This aerosol provides a firm, weightless and lasting hold. It contains hydrolyzed wheat proteins, natural fragrance oils, and has a UV shield for colour protection. It’s firm hold styling resins provide intense hold and memory with excellent resistance against high humidity, allowing brush ability with no flakiness.

How to use: Dispense fine mist 6 inches / 16 cm from hair to achieve desired hold.

Benefits: Weightless hold, Firm hold, Paraben free, UV shields protect colour, Great memory, Humidity resistant, Low VOC (55%)

10 years on…

I’m gonna go there and get all sentimental and soppy for a bit. This birthday is a really big deal for me. I never would of dreamt that we could of achieved such a feat. 10 years ago I was a 22 year old girl, I had just bought my first home with a BOY! When I found myself in the right place at the right time. Within 14 days of having a joke about owning my own salon there I was, standing in MY kitchen, of MY salon, making a cup of tea for MY 1st client. A decade has past and I can’t possibly describe how overwhelming it is to think back over that period of time. I have been blessed with the ability to make some amazing friends and I have been touched by kindness and loyalty in so many ways. There has of course been times when things went awry and I have cried a lot. Sometimes over the most stupid things. For instance the time I dyed our new white towels, green, the incident when “someone” scratched the reception desk by cleaning it with a Brillo pad or when a client dropped a bottle of whisky (Christmas gift- don’t ask) on our newly fitted door mat and the salon smelt like a dank public house. But more recently when a member of my staff handed me their resignation after 5 years of extraordinary service, the emotional roller coaster that is owning a small business. When I lost my first client, it was then at her funeral that I had the realisation that you guys are like family to me. TBH the girls and I probably spend more time with you, our clients then we do our own relatives. Saying that, we are a big part of some of our clients lives and for that we are truly humbled. All we could wish for is to make you feel as beautiful as you look for another 10 years.

So make sure you come by the salon on Saturday so I can thank you personally, plus you don’t want to miss out on the cake!!

Laura x

P.S Without the rain there would never be rainbows