The real name for this facial is actually the Collagen Power Facial…

but our clients always say ‘OMG’ when they look in the mirror afterwards! This is the most advanced anti-ageing facial yet! Since Environ was founded in 1990 this ground breaking skincare brand has given us amazing results and healthy glowing skin that just gets better and better! Results driven and potent, the active ingredients help to deliver the very best for every skin type.

One facial that has taken the salon by storm is the NEW Collagen Power Facial. Using a unique blend of super-smart peptides; Matrixyl, Trylagen and Matrixyl Synthe 6. These advanced ingredients help to protect and boost formation of collagen in the skin. Results can be seen in just ONE facial!

before & afters - collagen power facial copyThese clients had never used Environ before and this was their first experience having an Ionzyme facial. They were delighted as you can probably guess!

The way it works…

Using our Environ DF Ionzyme Machine we can get the active ingredients 4000x deeper into the skin than we can with our hands. This allows the products to get into where our new skin cells are being made to start working their magic!



The DF Machine uses 2 different methods to push the products into the skin layers. The first is Sonophoresis (sono-for-esis). This is a sound wave that vibrates on the skins surface to cause cavitation in the skin. The products that have been applied can then fall through these small temporary cavity’s to get deeper into the skin’s layers.




We then have Iontophoresis (Eye-on-tow- foresis). This uses either a negative or positive polarity depending on the product used. Similar to the way magnets repel, the same polarity as the product is used through the machine to repel the ingredients into the skin layers. This can feel quite tingly on the skin, but is just a sign that its working!




Once the product gets into the deeper layers of the skin, the active ingredients can start to work on building and protecting the Collagen and Elastin present in your skin, giving you an instant plumping effect that you can see from just one facial!

A simple home care routine can be prescribed to suit your needs so that you can keep up the benefits of the facial every day and start to build a healthy skin for a life time.

Sam has also been to London for training on Cool Peels for Photo-damaged, Acne and Rosacea skins. Keep your eyes peeled for the blog to come soon too!

You need to get yourself in for your own OMG facial! Give us a call at the salon to get booked in and check out the results for yourself!

Sam x


P.S Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been… Mark Twain